Fresh Rambutan

Fresh Rambutan

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Java Rambutan – 230 tons:
– Weight 32-34g
– Color: dark Red skin, white flesh
– Taste: light sweet
– Size: 3-5 cm
Longan Rambutan – 60 tons:
– Weight: 15-20g,
– Size: 2-4 cm
– Color: dark yellow to red
– Taste: sweet
– Delicious fruit quality, very good peeling, dry pulp, firm, crisp.
Thais Rambutan – 30 tons:
– Weight: 50-70gr
– Color: blue flame, red skin
– Taste: very sweet
– Dry, chewy, small seeds.
Certification: CO, VietGap
Maturity: 100% Natural
Origin: Vietnam

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