Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables

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Colors: Natural Green or natural color of each type
Taste: natural flavor
Standard: VietGap, GlobalGap, PGS

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Organic vegetables are the new trend of the export market. Organic vegetables are cultivated vegetables in completely natural conditions:
– No chemical fertilizer
– No Plant Protection, no growth stimulants
– No herbicides
– No genetically modified products

Our organic vegetables are harvested from farms in Soc Son – Hanoi City and Bac Giang provine, meet the standards in the country and internationally as VietGap, GlobalGap, PGS. Using certified organic vegetables, you absolutely can be assurance about the quality and freshness of the product.

We are supplying some vegetables, such as:

-The Leafy vegetables: Water morning Glory, Mustard Greens, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, Basella alba, pumpkin leaves, Sweet Leaf Bush, …

-The Root vegetables: Kohlrabi, carrots, white radish, Red radish, …

-The Fruit vegetables: green beans, okra, Edible Luffa, bitter gourd, winter melon, pumpkin, gourd, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, …

-The Herbs: Eryngium foetidum, basil, Anethum graveolens, lactuca sativa, perilla, …

If you have demand for the types of vegetables above, please contact us for the best service provider.


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